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1. SSpro/ACCpro 4.03: Protein Secondary Structure (3-class) and Solvent Accessibility(20-class) Prediction

Download SSpro and ACCpro 4.03 package (Linux version (1.6GB), Solaris version (3.1GB) ) | Access SSpro 4.0 Web Server | Installation instructions.
SSpro/ACCpro 4 is the first hybrid approach of combining neural network (ab initio) and homology analysis to improve the prediction of secondary structure and solvent accessibility.

J. Cheng, A. Randall, M. Sweredoski, & P. Baldi. SCRATCH: a Protein Structure and Structural Feature Prediction Server. Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 33 (web server issue), w72-76, (2005).[PDF] [PDF at NAR website]

2. MUpro 1.1: Prediction of Stability Changes (delta delta G) of Single Site Mutations from Protein Sequences

Download MUpro 1.1 source code and executable (200K, Linux version) | Installation instructions | Access MUpro server | MUpro dataset (1615 mutations) | MUpro dataset (388 mutations)

J. Cheng, A. Randall, & P. Baldi. Prediction of Protein Stability Changes for Single-Site Mutations Using Support Vector Machines. Proteins, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 1125-1132, (2006). [PDF][PDF at Proteins website]

3. DOMpro 1.0: Protein Domain Prediction

Download DOMpro 1.0 (Linux version, about 1M) | Access DOMpro web server | Multi-domain dataset | Single domain dataset

J. Cheng, M. Sweredoski, & P. Baldi. DOMpro: Protein Domain Prediction Using Profiles, Secondary Structure, Relative Solvent Accessibility, and Recursive Neural Networks. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 1-20, (2006). [PDF]

4. DIpro 2.0: Protein Disulfide Bond Prediction

Download DIpro 2.0 here (Linux version) | Access DIpro Web Server |Download Dataset

[1] J. Cheng, H. Saigo, & P. Baldi. Large-Scale Prediction of Disulphide Bridges Using Kernel Methods, Two-Dimensional Recursive Neural Networks, and Weighted Graph Matching. Proteins, vol. 62, no. 3, pp. 617-629, (2006). [PDF] [PDF at Proteins website]
[2] P. Baldi, J. Cheng, & A. Vullo. Large-Scale Prediction of Disulphide Bond Connectivity. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 17 (NIPS 2004), L. Saul,Y. Weiss, and L. Bottou editors, MIT press, pp.97-104, Cambridge, MA, (2005). [PDF] [PDF at NIPS website]

5. BETApro 1.0: Prediction of beta-residue pairs, beta-strand pairs, strand alignment, pairing direction, and beta-sheet topology.

Download BETApro1.0 here (Linux version) | Access BETApro Web Server| Download Dataset

J. Cheng & P. Baldi. Three-Stage Prediction of Protein Beta-Sheets by Neural Networks, Alignments, and Graph Algorithms. Bioinformatics, vol. 21, Suppl 1, pp. i75-84, (2005). [PDF] [PDF at Bioinformatics website]

6. DISpro1.0: Prediction of disordered regions from protein sequences.

Download DISpro1.0 here (Linux version) |Access DISpro Web Server |Download Dataset
Click here or see readme.txt in the zip file for the installation instructions.

J. Cheng, M. Sweredoski, & P. Baldi. Accurate Prediction of Protein Disordered Regions by Mining Protein Structure Data. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 213-222, (2005). [PDF] [PDF at DAMI website]

7. SELECTpro: Protein Model Scoring/Selection and Side-Chain Prediction.
Access SELECTpro Web Server

SELECTpro 1.0: full version includes bundled feature predictors
download/install sizes:(680 Mb, 1.6 Gb)
Download SELECTpro1.0 (Linux version)| Overview and Installation Instructions

SELECTpro Solo: does not include feature predictors
download/install sizes:(3 Mb, 13 Mb)
Download SELECTpro Solo (Linux version)| Overview and Installation Instructions

A. Randall & P. Baldi. SELECTpro: effective protein model selection using a structure-based energy function resistant to BLUNDERS. BMC Structural Biology, vol. 8, 52, (2008). [PDF]

8. SOLpro: Prediction of protein solubility upon overexpression

Download SOLpro (12Mb, Linux version) | Installation instructions | Access SOLpro server | Download Dataset | Cross-validations

C. N. Magnan, A. Randall, & P. Baldi. SOLpro: accurate sequence-based prediction of protein solubility. Bioinformatics, vol. 25, 17, (2009). [PDF]

9. SIDEpro: a novel machine learning approach for the fast and accurate prediction of side-chain conformations

SIDEpro predicts side-chain conformations for protein backbones. SIDEpro can accommodate non-standard amino acids including PTMs.
Download Linux version | Installation instructions | Rotamer library | SIDEpro training set|FPTM set |NSA dataset
download/install sizes:(4.6 Mb, 19.1 Mb)

K. Nagata, A. Randall, & P. Baldi. SIDEpro: a novel machine learning approach for the fast and accurate prediction of side-chain conformations. Proteins , vol. 80, 1, (2012).

10. Polymorphic Antigen Cross Reactivity Analysis

The archive file consists of Perl scripts and data files to replicate the computational analysis presented in the manuscript. Download | Download Windows version | Overview
download sizes:(1.0 Mb)

Manuscript submitted for review December 2012:
E. Baum, A. Randall, M. Zeller, P. Baldi, & A. Barbour. Quantifying cross-reactive antibody binding and inferring epitopes among Borrelia burgdorferi OspC variants using protein microarray data

Third-party tools used in the software: BLAST, PSI-BLAST, and SVM-light.

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